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  • Preferred Pricing and <strong>Replacement/Fulfillment</strong>

    Preferred Pricing and Replacement/Fulfillment

Preferred Pricing and Fulfillment Services

Consumer buying habits have increasingly shifted towards purchasing items online because of the convenience of quicker home delivery. As a result, the amount of people shipping products to their homes has drastically increased. AcuPro’s fulfillment process allows for your insureds to do exactly that. Our team of contents experts will assist your insureds throughout the process and assure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our surveys clearly show an improvement in overall insured satisfaction when our fulfillment team is involved in the loss. In addition, our clients are afforded preferred pricing on most fulfillment items...creating a win/win for all parties!

Fulfillment Service Benefits

Matching your insured's expectations in today's consumer environment

Benefits of Fulfillment Services

  • Higher Insured Satisfaction
  • Preferred Pricing on Fulfillment Items
  • Meeting Expectations of Today's Consumer
  • Convenience of Home Delivery

Experience Matters

Fulfillment is more than simply placing an order online.  We have over 30 years of experience in direct fulfillment assoocated with insurance claims!  We have a vast network of local, regional and national retail partnerships that takes years to cultivate.  Using retail and wholesale sources that deliver on promises and customer service is of paramount importance in fulfillment.  We understand this and take great care to only select partners who will meet and exceed our expecations.  We also support your insured every step of the way...assuring successful outcomes for every claim.  

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